Bon Appétit


teeny's special $19
balsamic, garlic, kalamata olive, & sun dried tomato chutney, onions, lebneh, persian cucumbers, lemon juice & lemon zest
The smoking Goat $18
garlic, onions, chipotle tomato sauce, parmesan, asiago, fontina, provolone, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes & chipotle tabasco
Italy our secret $22
garlic, onions, pesto, alfredo, parmesan, asiago, fontina, provolone, sun dried tomatoes, black olives, roasted red peppers & marinated artichoke hearts


Less is Best $15
potato bun, smashed chuck patty, kewpie mayo, mustard, pickle, onion & american cheese
Yamma Jamma $22
brioche bun, smashed chuck patty, oven roasted sweet potato, carmelized balsamic onion & bacon jam, american cheese
Fajit(huh) Burger? $20
arnold select hamburger roll, roasted


Crème Brûlée $9
You know what Crème Brûlée is, we don't need to make you feel bad about what's in it when it tastes this good. It's good for the soul right?
More Coming Soon $
*check back soon for a full menu


Oaxacan Old Fashioned $13
3 oz Tequila, .5oz mezcal, .25oz agave nectar, lemon spritz, orange spritz, garnish with peel
1923 Old Fashioned $13
3 oz elijah craig bourbon, 1 teaspoon demerara syrup, 3 dashes ango, 3 dashes orange bitters, express orange peel over glass, garnish with peel
Wicked Wench $13
1.5oz black kraken rum, 3/4oz aperol, 1oz carpano antica vermouth, mix & stir over ice, garnish with orange peel
Midtown Manhattan $13
2.5 oz bulleit rye, .75oz sweet vermouth, 2 dashes ango, 1 dash cherry bitters, garnish with a skewered luxardo cherry
Passion Fruit Mojito $12
3oz white rum, .75oz ginger lime syrup, Mint leaves for muddling, Half lime, .25oz Passion fruit syrup, Passion fruit laCroix, Mint garnish
Cobra Fang $15
.5oz jamaican rum, 2.5oz dark rum, .25oz peach liqueur, .5oz passion fruit liqueur, .5 oz ginger syrup, .75oz lime juice, 1.5oz orange juice, 2 dashes peychard's bitters, absinthe wash, garnish with toasted cinnamon stick & mint boquet wedge
Negroni $13
1.5 gin, 1oz campari, 1oz sweet vermouth, garnish with orange twist
Srg Peppers Gimlet $13
2oz fords gin, 2oz ginger lime cordial, 1-2 shakes cayenne pepper, garnish with lime spiral
Black Jewell $12
2oz tin cup whiskey, 1oz lemon juice, .5oz blackberry syrup, .5oz simple syrup, 2 dashes orange bitters, garnish with mint bouquet
Mezcal Marg $13
2oz el jimador silver, .25oz mezcal, .75oz contreau, 1oz lime juice, .25oz agave nectar, garnish salt rimed glass with lime wedge
Minty Mule $13
3oz vodka, 1.5oz lime juice, 6oz ginger beer, mint spritz, garnish with mint bouquet